Our Company

At Adhera, we pride ourselves on innovation, only in a manner where we push the limits of de-risking drug development in pursuit of our bold goal to change the future of medicine for millions of patients in need. To achieve our goals, we have assembled a unique portfolio of compounds at various levels of development. Some of our compounds have rich safety, tolerability, and efficacy profiles established through clinical trials involving hundreds of patients or decades of marketing in real-world cases. We don’t look at these drugs through the same lens as predecessors, though. We see new uses for them in areas of great unmet medical need, such as Type 1 Diabetes, Parkinson’s Disease, and Cancer. With our team steeped in all areas of drug development experience and access to some of the world’s brightest scientific minds, we intend to develop best-in-class therapies that can re-imagine the standard of care in different indications, simultaneously benefiting mankind and building shareholder value. We value the loyalty of our investors and welcome those new to Adhera to the next generation of patient care for hard-to-treat diseases.

Our focus

We have licensed two highly compelling drug candidates from the Melior family of companies. The compounds, MLR-1019 and MLR-1023, are backstopped by years of pre-clinical and clinical data. We are leveraging the existing data and aiming to move directly into FDA Phase 2 clinical trials in different indications than the original intent of the compounds.

2 novel Phase 2-ready drug candidates
Strong safety and tolerability profiles
Large addressable markets: Parkinson's disease and Type 1 diabetes
Robust patent estate
Highly experienced leadership team

Our team